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When it comes to the notion of how to burn fat and build muscle you need to get focused. Too many of us are focused on the best ways to lose weight and that’s not the right approach. You are going about it correctly if you are after a more long-term solution such as burning fat. The good news is that when you are working at building muscle you just so happen to be burning fat in the process. So get focused as this can be a very effective workout!

Forget the Cardio and Dig Deeper

Though many people focus on cardio, that is not going to do a thing to help you burn off the fat. It will also be useless in helping you to build muscle. Cardio is a nice supplement or complement to muscle building workouts. It can be great for a warm up but it should never be the main focus of your workout. If you’ve been focusing on this side of exercise then that’s the reason that you’re not seeing results!

Muscle Building Secrets Revealed!

Muscle building comes from lifting weights and really challenging yourself. As you lift weights and make that the focus of your workouts then you are also burning fat. There is nothing else in the world more effective for burning fat off the body than weight lifting. In the end if you want to truly change your body it’s all about burning fat and not losing weight. You can burn calories through cardio but that is not how you will melt the fat away and build muscle.

Challenge the Muscles and See the Results

Muscle building comes from pushing your muscle groups to the limit. Hitting the gym hard by performing rep after rep of weight training exercises. You should be incorporating dead lifts, tricep dips, shoulder raises, pushups, pull ups, bicep curls, and anything else that challenges the muscle group. When it burns that’s when you know that you are getting results!

Chief Training Adviser To Men’s Fitness Magazine Shares Muscle-Building Secrets!

If you are diligent about these workouts and dedicated to no less than five sessions each week then you are going to see results. As you build muscle you just so happen to speed up your metabolism. In the process of all of this you also burn away unwanted fat that has been on your body for far too long. This is why your workouts must focus around weight training exercises as they will dig deep into the muscle tissue and build it up, shedding unwanted fat in the process. It will challenge you on a whole new level but it will also get you results!

The power of creatine – and the best brands around

Bodybuilders love creatine and for good reason. Creatine monohydrate remains one of the most effective supplements ever developed to help build muscle mass. Although not everybody responds to creatine, most bodybuilders find it boosts both performance and gains in muscle mass. FLEX recommends it highly.

We have a lot of company when it comes to enthusiasm about creatine (for details on how it works, see the sidebar “Creatine: The Latest Research”). Scientists in the lab and athletes in the field continue to innovate ways to galvanize the powerful effects of this great supplement.

A common question is which brand of creatine is the best for me?  Although most brands of creatine provide similar benefits, our favorite product on the market is a combination creatine / HMB product called Betagen.

We will discuss the benefits of HMB and the two combined in our next post, however in the meantime, check out:

EAS Betagen

Magic Pills?

While there are no real magic pills, shortcuts or hidden-secrets to dropping excess fat, I’ve found that there are a few simple things you should remember that can help a lot.

1. Make the time to train, eat, and supplement properly. If this is a priority in your life, then treat it as one. Leave the excuses to someone else.

2. Use variation in all aspects of your program (training, diet, and supplementation) both to keep things fresh for you mentally and to prevent your body from adjusting and plateauing.

3. Set realistic long-term and short-term goals for yourself. Make them concrete by writing them down and reminding yourself of them daily.

4. Chart your course in detail. It’s not enough to say I want to lose 20 lbs. in the next 12 weeks. You need to address what you need to do each month, each week, each day to help you get there.

5. Remember that on a very basic level dropping fat and staying healthy is a relatively simple proposition. It’s not about taking pills. Those that are successful at it are those who want it more than they want to eat poorly or live an inactive lifestyle. It may sound harsh but there’s a lot of truth there.

6. Do it for yourself and no one else. Being unselfish in life is a wonderful thing, but getting your body fit and healthy is a gift you can and should give yourself.

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